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General Electric Lead Hardware Engineer in Wuxi, China

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Activities contributing to the design and development of products, solutions and systems. Includes activities linked to technical improvement of existing products and components Responsible for departmental operations planning/execution or is focused on execution of professional activities within a technical discipline. Functions with some autonomy but guided by established policies or review of end results.

The job allows modification of procedures and practices covering work as long as the end results meet standards of acceptability (quality, volume, timeliness etc.).

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Job Description



  • 参与超声新产品的开发工作, 包括设计硬件电路, 选择元器件,设计制板等。

  • 参与超声产品的优化设计改进工作以降低成本,提高性能,提高生产效率。

  • 制做设计规格书,测试计划,及进行验证。

  • 协调跨组设计工作。

  • 严格遵循设计控制流程, 制作相关设计文档。

  • 新产品生产的技术准备和支持。


  • 具有复杂数字系统设计和调试经验, 熟悉各种总线形态.

  • 会熟练使用C语言做嵌入式应用, 熟悉VHDL/Verilog 以及test bench 框架.

  • 能熟练使用多种EDA工具, 包括PCB工具, 有一定的布局布线经验。

  • 熟悉EMC/EMI调试和设计。

  • 具有一定的模拟电路设计和调试经验, 如具有DCDC, 放大器, 滤波器,等设计经验。

  • 熟练的英语书写阅读能力,并有一定的口语交流能力。

  • 具有非常强的团队合作精神, 能潜心于技术研究, 不断学习。


  • 硕士学历3年以上或本科具有5年或以上的工作经验. 电子技术,生物医学工程或相关专业。

  • 能熟练使用常用工具:示波器,信号发生器,频谱分析仪等。

  • 熟悉超声技术尤佳。

Hardware Engineer

Job Responsibility:

· Participate in ultrasound product NPI, including designing hardware circuits, selecting components, and board layout etc.

· Participate in the optimization design and continuous improvement of ultrasound products to reduce costs, improve performance, and improve production efficiency.

· Define design specifications, make verification plans and procedures.

· Coordinate design work across functions and groups.

· Strictly follow the design control process.

· Manufacturing support to new production introduction.

Job Requirements:

·Have complex digital system design and debugging experience, familiar with various digital bus protocols.

·Strong capability to use C for embedded application, familiar with VHDL/Verilog and test bench framework.

·Proficient in using a variety of EDA tools, including Cadence HDL, Allegro tools.

· Familiar with EMC / EMI debugging and design.

· Have analog circuit design and debugging experience, such as DCDC, amplifier, filter.

· Proficient in English writing and reading, and have good oral communication skills.

· Have a strong team spirit and willing to develop technical skill in depth and keep study.


· Master's degree of 3 years or above or undergraduate with 5 or more years of work experience. Electronical engineering, computer science, biomedical engineering or related major.

·Familiar with following equipment’s: oscilloscope, signal generator, spectrum analyzer, etc.

· Familiar with ultrasound technology is preferred.

Inclusion and Diversity

GE Healthcare is an Equal Opportunity Employer where inclusion matters. Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, protected veteran status or other characteristics protected by law.

We expect all employees to live and breathe our behaviors: to act with humility and build trust; lead with transparency; deliver with focus, and drive ownership – always with unyielding integrity.

Our total rewards are designed to unlock your ambition by giving you the boost and flexibility you need to turn your ideas into world-changing realities. Our salary and benefits are everything you’d expect from an organization with global strength and scale, and you’ll be surrounded by career opportunities in a culture that fosters care, collaboration and support.

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Relocation Assistance Provided: No