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General Electric Senior Engineer, Electronic in Shanghai, China

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Activities contributing to the design and development of products, solutions and systems. Includes activities linked to technical improvement of existing products and components Responsible for departmental operations planning/execution or is focused on execution of professional activities within a technical discipline. Functions with some autonomy but guided by established policies or review of end results.

The job allows modification of procedures and practices covering work as long as the end results meet standards of acceptability (quality, volume, timeliness etc.).

GE Healthcare is a leading global medical technology and digital solutions innovator. Our mission is to improve lives in the moments that matter. Unlock your ambition, turn ideas into world-changing realities, and join an organization where every voice makes a difference, and every difference builds a healthier world.

Job Description


  • 负责半导体设计和工程;设计、开发、修改和评估电子设备和其他硬件系统的电子零件、组件或集成电路。他们确定设计方法和参数;分析设备以建立运行数据,进行实验测试,并评估结果。常用技术集包括模拟、数字、混合信号、HMOS/MOS/CMOS、PLL、ADC、DAC 等。

  • 利用对技术学科的深入了解、分析思维和技术经验来执行政策/策略。

  • 具有最佳实践知识以及了解自己的领域如何与他人融合;了解竞争以及在市场上与众不同的因素

  • 具有判断力以及在设定参数之外提出不同解决方案的能力,以处理更复杂的、具有技术多样性和/或相互依赖的生产周期的制造过程。利用技术经验和分析思维。使用多种内部资源和自身团队之外有限的外部资源来帮助做出决定。

  • 充当经验较少的同事的资源。可能会领导具有低风险和资源需求的小型项目。说明信息;培养使团队成员就领域的话题达成共识的技能。传达绩效期望,并可以处理敏感问题。


  • 该岗位要求在领域具有较丰富的工作经验。学力水平相当于从正规高等院校取得学士学位 (或根据相应工作经验具有高中学历)


  • 优秀的口头和书面沟通能力。优秀的人际关系和领导能力。能够影响他人并领导小型团队。领导中等范围和影响的计划。能够同时协调多个项目。有效的问题识别和解决技能。可靠的分析和组织能力。

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Relocation Assistance Provided: No