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General Electric Sales Specialist in Shanghai, China

Job Description Summary

Customer facing staff responsible for winning business Executes standard sales tasks and typically subject to instructions and work routines. There is latitude to rearrange the sequence to complete task/duties based on changing work situations. May be responsible for targeted clients, stable regions, and/or small/medium sales territories.

Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities

  • 深度挖掘用户需求,根据公司产品战略独立完成产品规划、产品需求文档;编制市场规划、设计方案;编写方案设计报告、实施方案报告;

  • 能独立完成市场或产品相关数据分析、数据报表的整理;

  • 不定期收集市场销售信息、新技术产品开发信息,分析及跟踪竞争对手,定期进行产品分析,吸取行业发展优点;

  • 熟练掌握产品相关知识和市场竞争情况,能够给与销售团队定期培训产品知识;

  • 完成公司下达的年度、季度经营目标任务;

  • 适应经常性出差,维护客户关系和售前支持工作;

  • 熟练掌握office,PPT制作能力强,形象气质佳,语言组织和表达能力强;

  • 按时完成领导的其它任务

Desired Characteristics

  • Strong oral and written communication skills. Ability to document, plan, market, and execute programs.

Additional Information

Relocation Assistance Provided: No