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General Electric Lead Engineer – Plant I&C Systems Design in Markham, Ontario

Job Description Summary

Focus in both reactor protection safety-related (S-R) {Safety Class 1 (SC1)}, augmented quality or regulatory treatment of non- safety systems (RTNSS) {SC2} or plant investment protection (PIP) {SC3}, and non-safety-related balance of plant (BOP) systems for; advanced light water reactor (ALWR), advanced liquid metal reactor (ALMR), or advanced high temperature gas reactor (AHTGR) for commercial nuclear power plants and test facilities.

Job Description

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Canada based position only.

  • Identify, develop, evaluate, introduce, and manage engineering solutions for instrumentation and control (I&C) systems.

  • Apply control theory, mathematical modeling, and simulation to design control systems with desired behaviors including; control logic functionality across modes of operation, setting of boundaries, optimization, closed loop or feedback control algorithms, sensors, hardware and software development, and understanding complex systems or systems.

  • Prepare designs for; 1) reactor protection systems S-R or SC1 [e.g.; neutron monitoring (NMS), reactor trip (RTS), emergency core cooling (ECCS), engineered safety features (ESF), isolation functions], 2) augmented quality assurance or RTNSS or SC2 [e.g.; diverse actuation or protection, reactivity control rod, steam bypass and pressure], 3) PIP or SC3 systems [e.g.; anticipatory trip (ATS), feedwater level, reactor water cleanup / shutdown cooling, fuel and auxiliary pool cooling, leak detection and isolation], and 4) BOP NSR systems [e.g.; service water, instrument air, AC or DC electric loads, diesel generators, heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC)].

  • Perform or lead design and related technical scope thru progression of; front end engineering design (FEED), Conceptual, Preliminary or Intermediate, Detailed or Final Design.

  • Prepare and maintain using data-centric digital tools with rigorous requirements, change control, and configuration management:

  • Static documents or; reports, specifications, databases, tabular lists of; functions, algorithms, set points, equipment and instrument characteristics and configurations, electrical and heat loads, physical layout or placement in rooms, buildings, structures,

  • Static diagrams or drawings of; context, functional block, sequential flow, ladder logic, digital logic, inter-connection wiring, electrical schematic, data communication and networking,

  • Dynamic physics based and logic simulation design and analysis models.

  • Develop designs informed by the selection of diverse portfolio of I&C systems hardware and software technology platform or equipment.

  • Collaborate with other disciplines to define and achieve functional, performance, reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM) goals using failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), probabilistic risk analysis (PRA), and related modern techniques.

  • Lead or support; nuclear regulatory certification or licensing, procurement packages and hand-off to suppliers for implementation of systems and components requirements including; function, performance, design assurance, qualification, regulatory and standards compliance, human factors, safety hazards, reliability, cyber security, etc.

  • Collaborate with and provide oversight of suppliers thru procurement and construction to develop, perform, and review unit, module, system, and integration test plans, procedures, and reports including; factory acceptance (FAT), multi-system (MFAT), site acceptance (SAT), pre-operational (POT), and start-up (SUT) tests including inspection, test, or analysis and acceptance criteria (ITAAC) thru commercial operations date (COD).

  • Establish productive working relationships with; product and project management, support functions, Architect Engineer (A/E), Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) partner(s), and suppliers.

  • Prepare detailed work plans covering scope, labor budget, and schedule.

  • Ensure deliverables are on-spec., on-budget, and on-schedule.

  • Support LEAN, continuous process improvement, and cost-out programs.

  • Work in a team environment to deliver with integrity, safety and security, quality, then output – Champion nuclear culture.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering for Electrical, Mechanical, Nuclear, Computer Science or Technology, Software or Systems or Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, or equivalent 4 year technical degree.

  • 5 year experience in heavy industries such as; nuclear, power, process, marine, oil & gas, military, aerospace, medical, or pharmaceutical.

  • 5 year experience preparing system design requirements, specifications, documentation, and related detailed design artifacts using digital tools such as; drawings, databases, tabular lists covering functions, algorithms, set points, equipment and instrument characteristics and configurations, electrical and heat loads, physical equipment layout.

  • 5 year experience preparing diagrams using digital tools such as; context, functional block, sequential flow, ladder logic, digital logic, inter-connection wiring, electrical schematic, data communication and networking as well as physics based algorithm development plus simulation and modeling.

  • 5 year experience using either:

  • IEC Standards 60xxx, 61xxx and 62xxx series, OR

  • IEEE Standards 603, 7-4.3.2, 828, 829, 830, 1008, 1012, 1028, 1042, and 1074.

  • 5 year experience with excellent PC as well as productivity software [e.g.; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, Visio].

  • 5 year experience in design, application, requisition, or field engineering of safety significant instrumentation, control, and monitoring systems.

  • 3 year experience using digital tools preparing dynamic physics based process control algorithm development as well as logic analysis, modeling, and simulation.

  • 3 year experience with application, requisition, or field engineering in a combination of mid-tier programmable logic controllers (PLC) or top-tier DCS used in complex, real-time operating systems involving software intensive instrumentation, data acquisition, control, monitoring, automation, robotic, scientific experimental or technology demonstrator systems.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Master’s in Engineering for Electrical, Mechanical, Nuclear, Computer Science or Technology, Software or Systems or Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, etc.

  • Professional Engineer – Control Systems by National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES).

  • PMI/PMP.

  • Experience in nuclear analog and digital instrumentation, control and monitoring with detailed knowledge in safety-related systems, hardware, software, theory of operation, mulation, s, detailed design, with be rfacing systems such as; control rod drive (CRD), rod block monitor (RBM), rod worth min instrument set point and calibration methodologies, equipment environmental, seismic qualification (EQ) testing and field services or plant start-ups.

  • Experience in nuclear regulatory affairs as well as design certification and licensing processes in accordance with either international [e.g.; Canadian, UK, Finland, IAEA] or US NRC laws, rules, general design criteria (GDC), regulatory guidance (RG), staff requirement memorandum (SRM), interim staff guidance (ISG), branch technical positions (BTP), information notices (IN).

  • Experience in DCS, or PLC application, deployment and support engineering of complex, high reliability, harsh environment, real time operating digital systems preferably microprocessor based involving single point failure criterion, dual-triple-quad redundancy, signal acquisition, data processing, inter-networking, separation, human factors, safety hazards, reliability, simulation, cyber security requirements, using modern platforms [e.g.; GE Mark-VIe/ControlST, Westinghouse CommonQ, Emerson Ovation or DeltaV, Schneider Foxboro I/A or Triconex TRICON, Siemens System7 or TelepermXP].

  • Experience using modern digital engineering collaboration and design tools such as:

  • Content creation [e.g.; Confluence/Atlassian],

  • Requirements management [e.g.; DOORS-NextGen/IBM],

  • Diagram and drawing [e.g.; Visio/Microsoft, Autocad/Autodesk],

  • Design and analysis simulation [e.g.; Easy5/MSC, Simulink-MATLAB/MathWorks, Mathcad/PTC, 3KeyMaster/WSC],

  • Change, configuration, document and bill of material (BOM) management [e.g.; ENOVIA/Dassault-Systemes].

  • Clear thinker, detail oriented, insightful, quantitative, results oriented – Able to make reasoned, sound, and timely decisions.

  • Exceptional technical writing.

  • Strong verbal communication and facilitating skills for technical and business audiences.

  • Able and willing to take ownership and responsibility for scoping, planning, prioritizing, scheduling, budgeting, action tracking, monitoring, corrective actions, reporting, etc.

  • Self-starter with energy and positive “Can-Do” attitude – Proven track record of producing quality deliverables on specification, budget, and schedule in a fast passed environment.

  • Team player with cross- discipline and matrixed functional skills and experience.

  • Able to handle multiple concurrent assignments and priorities.

  • Adaptive with continuous learning and improvement “mindset” with an ability to identify, influence, and implement better ways to do an activity or process.

  • Working knowledge, skill, and experience using Agile or LEAN, define, measure, analyze, improve, control (DMAIC), design for six sigma (DFSS), design for reliability (DFR), failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), and design to cost (DTC).

GE will only employ those who are legally authorized to work in Canada for this opening. This position requires access to and/or use of information subject to control under the United States Department of Energy's Part 810 Regulations (10 CFR Part 810) and the Export Administration Regulations (15 CFR Parts 730 through 774) (collectively, "U.S. Export Control Laws"). Therefore, the applicant must be able to be authorized to access and/or use such information under U.S. Export Control Laws.”

You must have legal authorization to work in Canada and any offer of employment is conditioned upon the successful completion of a background investigation. The drug screen requirement in the background check process is not required if the role is based in Canada.

Additional Information

Relocation Assistance Provided: Yes