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General Electric Devops Engineer - Digital Implementation Services in Livingston, United Kingdom

Job Description Summary

GE Digital is the world leader for Grid Software solutions enabling companies world-wide to optimize their control of the Grid and the transformation towards sustainable energy sources. Our teams contribute to major infrastructure projects delivering Transmission, Distribution and Market systems part of the national and regional coordination of electricity on all continents.

The DevOps Engineer role is an integral part of project teams, responsible for delivering best-in-class services, development and project software delivery of technical solutions and consultancy to key customer account of GE Grid Software Solutions.

Job Description

Job Description


The DevOps Engineer focuses on maximizing platform stability, availability and overall reliability in the context of large and complex IT systems and applications associated to the management of electrical Grid Transmission and Market. This ranges from system administration tasks, system monitoring and systems programming to keep all platforms as reliable as possible. The DevOps Engineer identifies weak spots in the platforms, the delivery chain and the practices, and provides recommendations in all these areas, as well as implementation for improvements (formal or technical means to enforce policies, scripting to automate tasks and increase availability, stability and reliability). The DevOps Engineer is in charge of all platforms (Production, Staging and Development).

The DevOps Engineer defines prescriptive ways to measure value, and works with SLA metrics (SLIs, SLOs) and progress indicators (OKRs, KPIs).

The DevOps Engineer works with the Quality Assurance Manager and the Technical Account Manager on root cause analysis following an incident, by providing insights and hard data and helps with the continual improvement of the quality process.

The DevOps Engineer works with the Configuration Manager to provide means to control the deliveries and other technical interactions between the deployments and the platforms, with the Delivery Manager and the Support Manager to enforce policies around platform activities, and with the IT department of the customer to ensure a seamless collaboration between the two parties.

The DevOps Engineer reports to the Regional Lead DevOps.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent

  • Strong experience with operating complex software in production

  • Strong experience with software project engineering or in software product development roles relative to Design, Build, Test, and Deployment.

Knowledge and experience

  • Strong understanding of DevOps organisations and Agile methodologies

  • Strong understanding of CI and CD

  • Solid automation skills and experience with devops tools Ansible, Jenkins, Git, GitHub.

  • Solid understanding of IaC with AWS, Azure

  • Solid understanding of virtualisation and containerisation technologies (Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes)

  • Strong understanding of development and delivery lifecycles, in particular the importance of the role of Test Automation.

  • Experience with Linux and Windows operating systems, servers and LDAP administration

  • Preferable experience with current EMS, DMS solutions from GE.

  • Good troubleshooting skills

  • Good programming skills with Python, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript, PowerShell, POSIX shell, SQL

  • Good experience with monitoring tools such as Splunk, Nagios

  • Flexibility to travel to remote site when required.

Additional Information

Relocation Assistance Provided: Yes