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General Electric Wind Resource and Mechanical Load Assessment Engineer in Guangzhou, China

Job Description Summary

Engineer for wind resource assessment and loads calculations for offshore wind farms for fixed foundations.

Job Description

Essential Responsibilities

  • Wind resource assessments to support Sales & Tendering team at tender stage:

  • Site wind data treatment from raw data (met mast, lidar, sodar) from offshore sites

  • Annual energy production calculations applying wake deficit models and using either commercial or in-house tools

  • Calculations of added turbulence intensities to represent wake effects within wind farms applying wake models and using either commercial or in-house tools

  • Follow review process including Loads & micrositing engineering team

  • Interaction with GE sales & tendering team and customer technical teams to discuss results; additional data needed

  • Highlight potential risks for wind turbine design (close-spacing; typhoon; above Class wind conditions)

  • Wind resource assessments for offshore wind farms loads calculations. Ensure appropriate data is used for loads calculations and certifications.

  • Estimation of extreme wind conditions representative of typhoon events for loads calculations.

  • Critical analyses of site data (wind; metocean; damping; etc..) to highlight uncertainties for AEP and loads calculations.

  • Interaction with certification bodies to address comments related to site data treatment

  • Interfaces with engineering teams and marketing teams on AEP and layout considerations

  • Development of tools in collaboration with European offices

  • Noise calculations for near shore wind farms

  • Site data gathering for loads calculations; aero-elastic calculations for site wind, waves, currents and tides conditions

  • Alignment of site data selection and methodology with Loads & Micrositing engineering team.

  • Tools development to simplify loads calculation process in collaboration with Loads & Micrositing engineering team.


  • Master’s degree from an accredited university in Coastal and Marine Engineering; Marine Engineering Science; Renewable Energy

  • Knowledge of geographical differences in offshore site conditions

  • Knowledge of international and local offshore wind standards

  • General skills in applied mathematics and statistical treatment of data using programming languages (Matlab, R, Python)

  • 4-5 years of professional experience preferably doing wind resource assessments for offshore or onshore wind farms.

  • Proven ability to work in a cross-functional and global environment

  • Experience in typhoon events analyses for wind farms (probabilistic models - occurrence rates; storm tracks; intensities; wind field modeling; combined typhoon wind and waves extreme events analyses

  • Experience in noise calculations for wind farms

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English

  • Effective problem identification and solution skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills, proven leadership skills and a positive energy

Desired Characteristics

  • Professional experience in offshore or near-shore projects and/or environments

  • Education and/or work experience in European offshore wind business

  • Experience in software development including specifications, theory manuals and flow chart