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General Electric Service Block Leader(九州) in Fukuoka, Japan

Job Description Summary


All resources, and logistics required to perform services and maintenance activities on customers' site/property. These activities contribute to, maintain, repair and refurbish sold or existing products. Includes all types of maintenance service (preventive and remedial), manage maintenance facilities and field services engineering. Responsible for departmental operations planning/execution or is focused on execution of professional activities within a technical discipline. Functions with some autonomy but guided by established policies or review of end results.

The job allows modification of procedures and practices covering work as long as the end results meet standards of acceptability (quality, volume, timeliness etc.).

Job Description


  • リーダーとしてビジネス全体の視点でお客様のニーズとアウトカムを探求し、顧客の課題解決と顧客満足の最大化をけん引する。

  • ブロック内の重要顧客との定期的なレビューを開催し、顧客との関係向上やフィールド作業の改善・対策を実施する。

  • 戦略的組織の立案をし、コストマネージメントと顧客へのアウトカムを実施する。(例:GE vs 委託)

  • サービスエリアリーダーやフィールドエンジニアのコーチングを通じてチームの成長を促す。

  • ブロック内のリーダーとして、各管理(ISO/内部監査、労務、安全)の責任を持つ。

  • サービスマックスを活用し、情報管理とビジネスの数字へコミット(MSA/ODS/FE在庫等)をする。

  • CSエスカレーションへ自ら他部署(営業・テクサポ・GSPO・本社)を巻き込んで解決していく。

  • コンプライアンス遵守、さらにはEHS(環境、健康、安全)活動もリードし、サービス活動をサポートする。


  • 「変革を起こす」、「実行する」、「人材を育てる」 意識のある方。

  • Required Qualifications: 【必要なスキル】

  • 顧客理解、顧客対応能力

  • 問題解決・ビジネス理解・判断能力

  • チームマネジメント能力

  • 複雑で複数のステークホルダーのアレンジが必要な案件の取り組み経験があること

  • プロセスにおける問題解決の過程において、外部のお客様および社内のチームメンバーをつないだ経験があること

  • 複雑な問題の本質を把握し、ポイントをシンプルに伝えられるコミュニケーション能力があること

  • サービスの経験があれば尚可

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for field resource deployment planning and execution to meet customer and business metrics · Interface with the customer service managers on issues escalation · Develop long range forecast for region resource needs · Develop and execute short and long-range resource plans based on resource forecasts and region business commitments including recruitment, skills reviews, and resource development through advance level training

  • A job at this level requires a people leader with ability to hire and develop talent. Includes direct people management responsibility including staffing and performance development. Utilizes in-depth knowledge of a technical discipline and analytical thinking and technical experience to execute policy/strategy.

  • Has knowledge of best practices and how own area integrates with others; is aware of the competition and the factors that differentiate them in the market

  • Uses some judgment and has some ability to propose different solutions outside of set parameters to address more complicated manufacturing processes with technical variety and/or interdependent production cycles. Uses technical experience and analytical thinking. Uses multiple internal and limited external sources outside of own teams to arrive at decisions.

  • Acts as a resource for colleagues with less experience. May lead small projects with low risks and resource requirements. Explains information; developing skills to bring team members to consensus around topics within field. Conveys performance expectations and may handle sensitive issues.

Required Qualifications

  • For roles outside of the USA- This role requires advanced experience in the Services & Resource Management. Knowledge level is comparable to a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college ( or a high school diploma with relevant experience).

  • For roles in USA - Bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college (or a high school diploma / GED with at least 6 years of experience in Job Family Group(s)/Function(s)).

Desired Characteristics

  • Strong oral and written communication skills. Demonstrated ability to analyze and resolve problems. Ability to document, plan, market, and execute programs. Established project management skills.Note: To comply with US immigration and other legal requirements, it is necessary to specify the minimum number of years' experience required for any role based within the USA. For roles outside of the USA, to ensure compliance with applicable legislation, the JDs should focus on the substantive level of experience required for the role and a minimum number of years should NOT be used.

Additional Information

Relocation Assistance Provided: No