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General Electric Production Scheduler in Changwon, South Korea

Role Summary:This role will be responsible for planning on materials & manufacturing works of HRSG pressure parts in order to achieve cycle time and to meet the delivery target.

HRSG 압력부의 자재수급 및 일정을 포함한 제반 생산관리 업무를 수행 (1년 계약기간 후 업무고과 평가를 통해 정직원 전환여부 결정)

Essential Responsibilities:

Be responsible for entire HRSG Pressure parts manufacturing schedule management including draft of Production schedule, control the production schedule and manage the ERP systems, support for drawing understanding etc.,

HRSG 압력부의 생산일정수립, 생산일정관리 및 원활한 ERP시스템 사용과 현장 도면해석 지원 등 제반 생산일정 관리


 Using software(Excel/PPT etc.) to generate schedules and reports is preferable

 Understanding the Manufacturing ERP system and Lean activity is preferable

 Review documents(Drawings/Auto CAD/MFG Docs./ITP etc.) is preferable

 Manufacturing experience for HRSG or boiler Pressure parts is preferable

 Fluent English reading and speaking is preferable

  • 경력은 무관하나 HRSG 및 보일러 압력부 수행 경험 우대

  • 생산관련 PC(Excel/PPT/), 도면해독, 생산/품질/기술문서 해석 가능

  • Auto CAD, ERP, Lean Activity 에 대한 이해/수행 능력 우대

  • 영어 해석,독해,발표 가능자 우대

Desired Characteristics:

  • Desired Characteristics Strong mind-set to abide by GE Compliance and Integrity

  • Proven knowledge for Scheduling works

  • Plentiful experiences in manufacturing field

  • Self-project driven to make successful performing

  • Strong interpersonal communication and leadership skills, and strong listening skills

  • Ownership of issues

  • Ability to energize others through persistent, reliable and rapid execution Candor,

  • Transparency, Humility, Accountability

  • 정직, 성실, 규정준수

  • 안전 의식 필수

  • HRSG 생산관련 전문지식 및 업무 경험 보유자 우대

  • 리더십, 업무추진력 및 대인관계와 협업능력 필요

  • 책임감

  • 빠른 업무 처리 속도 및 능력

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